ADAS Lock Operator’s Course

The course is designed to be delivered in five eight-hour days and requires the students to have first completed the Hyperbaric Workers Course.

While the practical component of the course can be completed using most types of manually operated medical lock, if a TBM is not utilised for training, an orientation to the TBM will be required to ensure the operators are fully familiar with the equipment.

Successful completion of the Hyperbaric Lock Operator course results in award of a statement of attainment for partial completion of the Certificate VI in Hyperbaric Operations (Hyperbaric Tunnelling).

National Qualification Code 10133NAT awarded by ADAS, RTO number 88104.

Course Outline

The topics covered include:

    • legislation;
    • the structure of intervention;
    • duties and responsibilities;
    • orientation to the man locks and medical lock;
    • complications and side effects of compressed air and HBO;
    • ventilation; gas analysis;
    • compression and decompression procedure;
    • gas poisoning;
    • fire safety;
    • handling emergencies;
    • oxygen equipment;
    • treatment tables;
    • neurological assessment;
    • decompression tables; and,
    • specific site procedures and paperwork.

Assessment & Accreditation

Assessment of competency is by the successful completion of the practical skills of running the locks in addition to a written answer examination paper. Students must attend all course sessions.

This course includes an Oxygen Administration Course, as required by Australian Standard AS4774. The Lock Operators Course is accredited under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) as Nationally Recognised Training.

Additional Information

Due to the high requirement for individual practice on the man locks this programme is limited to six students per course.